Culinary Action for Education

MISSION: Culinary Action for Education (CAFE)'s  mission is to empower underserved youth with access to fresh, healthy, and sustainably sourced organic food, while nurturing an early appreciation for wholesome nutrition and regenerative farming practices. Through our efforts, we strive to create lasting impact by fostering a strong connection to sustainable foods from a young age, promoting not only physical well-being, but also environmental stewardship and community resilience.

VISION: CAFE envisions a future where everyone thrives with access to fresh, healthy, and sustainable organic food. We cultivate appreciation for nutrition and regenerative farming, fostering a legacy of wellness, environmental stewardship, and community resilience. 

Our aim is to form a bridge connecting farms, schools, and the wider community for the benefit of everyone involved.

Our goals for schools are to:

(1) Support districts to adopt locally and sustainably grown fresh produce in freshly crafted school meals and snacks.

(2) Help facilitate field trips to local farms.

(3) Design a multi-disciplinary, and bilingual nutrition education curriculum to bring awareness of healthy eating and healthy growing practices into the classroom, incorporating the wisdom of local growers and centered around locally available crops.

Our goals for farmers and producers are to:

(1) Provide personalized technical assistance to farms.

(2) Conduct comprehensive assessments to understand the specific needs and challenges of farmers in the target region. This includes identifying areas of collaboration, resource sharing, and market access.

(3) Offer workshops, training sessions, and educational materials to equip farmers with the knowledge and skills necessary for collective design and management.

Our goals for the local community are to:

(1) Improve access to fresh, local, organic produce all year long.

(2) Support educational and community projects around fresh produce and sustainable growing practices with community and school grants.

(3) Foster and strengthen education, connections, and awareness to local growers and support for freshly prepared produce-rich school meals for our children and future.

Thank you so much for your interest in what we do. We appreciate you.