Our Team

Maya Rawitch

Customer Support. Idea Generator.  CAFE Mama.

Maya is a full time community college student in Siskiyou County who is working on obtaining a degree in nutrition. Back when she was in eighth grade, she presented a call to action to the school board at the Mount Shasta Union School District with support from her Nan. From then on, she has been a core member of the organization, and her passion for inspiring excitement about whole foods in young people has only grown. 

Since the inception of School CAFE, Maya has been a constant presence and leader in the organization, directing its growth and propelling it towards ever more encompassing visions. From providing fresh fruit to family lunches at schools to salad bars in school cafeterias, supporting grants, and the broader community, Maya's input and vision have been pivotal to CAFE's direction and reach. The driving force behind the work she does is the desire to leave a better food legacy behind for the youth of tomorrow for generations to come.

When she is not working on schoolwork or CAFE, she enjoys exploring the beautiful Siskiyou County wilderness (when it's sunny, of course) and is a proud double cat mom of a very needy yellow tabby and a sassy calico.

Jessica Sanchez

Project Shepherd. Community Champion. Double Mama.

Jessica is a bicultural strategist with a passion for ensuring everyone has access to good food and empowering communities that need it most. Her expertise in program design is matched by her dedication to tackling food insecurity, and promoting sustainable food systems.

With a Bachelor’s degree in Humanities and Communications and a Master’s degree in Educational Counseling, Jessica brings a restorative focused approach to her work. 

Jessica once ruled over her minimalist kingdom in Dunsmuir! But alas, her tranquil sanctuary has been overrun by a small but mighty brigade, also known as her two pint-sized tornadoes (aka kids). With memories of dodging pigs and chasing chickens in the rugged mountains of Guatemala, she's now not just growing crops; she's cultivating a deeper connection to her roots, and the land that shaped her. 

Volunteers, donors, and community members like you!

Since day one, CAFE has depended on the passion, vision, and dedication of the amazing community that has volunteered countless hours to supporting this shared vision. Special thanks go to founding members Maya Rawitch, Skylar Rawitch, Colleen Shelly, Wayne Kessler, Laurel Kessler, and Mary Saint-Marie as well as Mount Shasta Unified School District and all those who attended School CAFE's early meetings. Thank you also to Tara Gardner, Jessie Black, Bonnie Wood, and everyone else who has given their precious time to meet with us, provide valuable guidance and insight, and lend their expertise. 

Thank you to everyone who has donated time, funds, and advice, and a particularly fond thank you to the Driscoll Foundation who has so generously donated their support and enabled us to expand our reach. We also want to thank our fiscal sponsor, the Mount Shasta Bioregional Ecology Center for all their support.

Finally, the community at large! The educators, cafeteria workers, and school administrators working hard to incorporate fresh food into school meals and hands on lessons. The producers and growers of Siskiyou County who work tirelessly to provide healthy local produce in a short growing season. The parents, community members, and leaders who envision a world where everyone has access to healthy, sustainable fresh food. Thank you for all that you do. You are our inspiration and our cherished neighbors.  We appreciate you.